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4 September 2018


Grammy Nominated DJ/Producer Dirty South joins us at the Pawn Shop ⚡️ Tickets available via

That’s what we are, we all want A Love Bazaar.


4 June 2018


7 May 2018


Drown your sorrows and get your panties wet at the Big Top Under the Sea with Sea Circus.

Click here for the event!

13 April 2018


PAWN SATURDAYS NEW MUSIC ft. a killer mixtape from Downstairs House master – HOOPS.


8 March 2018


Yep. Say no more fam. Soft Pawn Sundays is going the long run this Sunday with a 5am license.

8 January 2018

Pawn & Co. x Polo Club

Giddy Up, We’re going to the Polo. Last minute tickets available via:

23 October 2017

Pawn & Co Fire Sale 🔥

This Friday night we give back to the team who saved our beloved Pawn & Co on Friday the 13th of October, the Melbourne Fire Brigade. All proceeds will go directly to the organization. Take some Pawn home with you, with 25% off all Pawn items.

Join us this Friday for Frequency’s 1st Birthday with the man of the hour, Max Chapman alongside an all star Pawn Fridays resident line-up.

My next EP is out today, this time with my bro Secondcity on the almighty Relief!

Posted by Max Chapman on Friday, 13 October 2017

9 October 2017

Pawn Fridays & #Hausity pres. HUXLEY

Tickets available via:

2 October 2017

Javi Morley x Illya live at Day Spa 10/9/17

19 September 2017

Kormak x Stoney Roads Mix

Can’t get enough of Kormak? Neither can we! Kormak blew us away at Pawn Fridays last week, we can’t get this mix off repeat!

Exclusive Mix: Kormak’s go-to house tunes right now

19 September 2017

TBIB Late Nite Pawn Mix

We’ve got your tunes sorted this week with TBIB’s Late Nite Pawn Mix. Enjoy!

8 September 2017

Your Grand Final plans are sorted!

AFL Grand Final is not the only main event on Saturday 30th September. Pawn Saturdays present the MAIN EVENT “RESIDENT SHOWDOWN” Grand Final Weekend. Featuring Pawn Saturdays resident superstars.

22 August 2017

Danny Howells Boiler Room Mix

Start the week off right with this perfect mix by Danny Howells for Boiler Room. Grab your tickets HERE

22 August 2017

Who is Kormak?

Kormak is much more than a sound. It’s an idea. It’s as big or as small as you can imagine. It’s structured yet completely free, its pitch black but bright as day. Forget what you think is traditional, Kormak will smash all pre conceptions you have about music. That feeling you get when you hear something for the first time. Something truly memorable. Something that gets better no matter how many times you hear it. Sydney is his home. Designing a mood & enhancing emotion is his signature. This is Kormak.

Last year Kormak gave us a tease of what we would come to know as a burning passion for his chosen style, we can’t wait for this legend to show us what he’s got this time around!!

He will be supported by Warsawyer, Tom Evans, TBIB B2B Repo Men, Bosco, Hoops and Adam Trace Friday September the 15th.

7 July 2017

Steve Bleas Day Spa Podcast

Start your weekend right with this Day Spa mix by none other than Steve Bleas closing up the Pawn Shop July 24th.

Check it out here

7 July 2017

Functions at the Pawn Shop 🍸

Pawn & Co. is the Steampunk Pawn Shop of the future where everything you see is for sale, from the grand piano you see upon entry to the albino cyborg stuffed kangaroo watching over everyone next to the carousel bar downstairs.

The décor is inspired by a steampunk aesthetic and is decked out with a range of features including Victorian tram booths, a cryogenic chamber, a talking vending machine and a steampunk throne, which you can all place in your shopping basket if you please.

The bar has two levels. When you walk in you’re greeted with two options for ordering a drink. The first is the Carousel Bar, an automated carousel stocked with premium spirits that rotates above a human bartender. The second is a talking vending machine from which you can order a can of beer while making small talk with a drink-dispensing robot.

At the top of the stairs there’s a room of curiosity, from genuine vintage pistols and guitars, to a full-size, custom-built replica of a Star Wars-style block of carbonite.

The cocktail menu treads the line between nostalgic and inventive. The Gunpowder Iced Tea, Pawn & Co.’s signature cocktail, is a spin on the Long Island Iced Tea, with rum, chilli-infused peach tea and chocolate. Feel free to have your smoking gun and drink it too!